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Old 06-17-2004, 11:45 AM
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Default Salt Springs Valley Road, Stanislaus?Calaveras Counties

From: Jeff Abbas -
Date: 05/07/01
Time: 08:07 PM

This drive begins off Highway 4 going east out of Farmington. When you get to Milton road, go north toward Milton, about 5 miles. The town of Milton is just a ghost of what it once was and ther are no services. Take the turn-off to the east marked Salt Springs Valley Road and prepare yourself for a feast of foothill beauty! I found California Buckeye, Elegant Clarkia, Blue Dicks, Harvest Brodiaea, Twining Brodiaea, Fiddlenecks, Indian Paintbrush, Douglas Lupine, Whorled Lupine, Hooker's Onion, Tinker's Penny, Bigheaded Clover, Seepspring Monkeyflowers, Orange Bush Monkeyflowers and many more foothill species I haven't seen in years.

This also a one-lane road with some turn-outs, but traffic was non-existant on my drive last Saturday. Carry in water and food if you want to spend the day. You can follow the road all the way around to Salt Springs Valley and take a number of roads that all lead back to Highway 4 at one point or another. If you take the Hunt Road turn-off, you will be treated to some spectacular scenery for this part of the foothills.

If you would like to see some sample pictures from my little excursion, please see my home page at and click on the link for Spring Wildflowers.

Jeff Abbas/KRVR-FM/Modesto, Ca.
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