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Old 05-24-2003, 05:40 AM
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Default What ate the Calochortus?

In early may I planted some Calochortus Venustus. They set buds and started blooming. Very pretty. One plant was especially happy and it was going to have five flowers on it. Imagine my dismay when I went out yesterday morning and found that something had eaten all of the flowers and the buds off of one plant! It didn`t even eat all of the buds. I found two buds lying at the base of the plant. The leaves of the plant were untouched. Is this the work of earwigs? Or a squirrel? I live in San Fran, so a deer is unlikely. Any ideas so I know what to protect against if it decides to bloom for me next year? Thanks, Galen</p>
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Old 05-27-2003, 11:20 AM
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Default Re: What ate the Calochortus?

Galen - It could also have been mice or rats that ate your Calochortus. Sometimes even birds will eat flower buds. Putting a temporary wire cage around the plants would help keep small animals out. However, if the damage was done by insects or molluscs, you would need a very fine wire mesh to keep them out. Watch your garden to see if anything else gets eaten. If so, you should go out at night with a flashlight and try to catch the culprit. Hope it is not black vine weevils - they are the devil to control. If it`s bugs, maybe putting diatomaceous earth the garden kind, not the swimming pool kind around the plants might help. Cheers, Lori Hubbart</p>
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