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Old 04-25-2003, 02:07 PM
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Default Walnut Understory Community and Botanical ID Found!

Thanks again, Lori, after a little more searching and I found what I needed, once you pointed me in the right direction. Edgewood park does indeed have black walnuts how I missed this on the plant list the first time around, I do not know. Plants in the community for southern california walnut trees are arroyo willow salix lasiolepsis, sycamore platanus racemosa, white alder alnus rhombifolia, California bay Umbellularia californica, laurel sumac malosma laurina, sugar sumac rhus ovata, toyon heteromeles arbutifolia, blue elderberry sambucus mexicana, redberry rhamnus crocea, coffeeberry rhamnus californica, hollyleaf cherry prunus ilicifolia, mountain mahogany cercocarpus betoides, scrub oak quercus dumosa, poison oak Toxicodendron diversifolium, spiny ceanothus ceanothus spinosus, bigpod ceanothus ceanothus megacarpus, california sagebrush artemisia californica, California buckwheat eriogonum fasciculatum, black sage salvia melliflera, gooseberry ribes speciosum, bedstraw galium triflorum, and milkweed asclepias fascicularis. Seems like a big mix of associates where none are really the type for lawn water but many are tolerant of the dampness, and the walnut loves my alluvial clay soil. For my muddy shady site I think I`ll keep tending my elderberry and add in a coffeeberry and a shade-tolerant ceanothus. Also, I found some features that distinguish my Northern California walnut juglans hindsiiI`m delighted that it`s a native! from other walnut trees. The English walnut juglans regia has white unfurrowed bark, is up to 27 meters tall, and has leaves with 7 to 9 leaflets with smooth margins. The preripe walnuts are light yellowish and the ripe ones are black. Northern California walnuts have dark bark with narrow furrows and leaves with 11 to 19 leaflets, 5-10 cm long, ovate to lanceolate with serrated margins. The preripe walnuts are light yellowish green and the ripe ones are dark brown to black. Juglans hindsii can grow to 15-25 meters high. The bark color and furrows and the number of leaflets are the big tip-offs. Those of you from Southern California may have juglans californica which is shorter 6-15 meters, or 20-49 feet tall, with a blackish brown trunk that is deeply furrowed and leaves that are 3.5 to 7.5 cm long. The preripe walnuts are light green and the ripe ones are dark brown. If any of you have a tree with preripe walnuts being light green and ripe ones being yellowish green, that`s a juglans nigra American walnut, from the east coast. And anyone with a short tree 6 meters at maturity that takes 20 years before bearing fruit might have a Texas walnut, Juglans microcarpa. Hope this helps out others with walnut trees too. Thanks again!</p>
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