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Old 04-02-2002, 03:47 AM
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Default Redwood bark

A CNPS member asked me if I knew of any sources of Redwood bark for mulch here in Southern California. I know this has been recommended by landscape professionals who use natives. I also know that the last time I looked for it in San Diego, I could not find it. Any suggestions? If it is no longer available for the home gardener, is there an alternative? </p>
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Old 04-03-2002, 07:48 AM
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Default Re: Redwood bark

Sara,I live up here in Orange County and can easily get it either in bulk delivered in a truck by the cubic yard or in bale, three or four cubic feet compressed. The bulk I can get at almost any good landscape supply outlet but I buy wholesale and so I get it through a company called 'Recycled Wood Products'. Kellogg also has it in bulk. As far as the Bales, I can get it at 'Orange County Farm Supply' in the City of Orange and so imagine there must be other places that sell it as well.

You did not ask but I will say that I normally do not use redwood as a mulch. It is a bit too precious to use above ground and I will instead incorporate read rototill it into the top 6' of soil when planting material that is from the north, or even when doing conventional landscapes. The advantage of Redwood It ussually comes as a Redwood-Fir mix now is that it does not decompose rapidly. Using it as a soil ammendment means creating airspaces and improving the overall composition of what in OC is normally clay soils and redwood just lasts longer.

As far as why you would use it over another more easily found mulch is a mystery to me. Kellogg makes a product called 'Xerimulch' that is excellent for a mulch layer although far too expensive when purchased in 2 cubic foot bags and used in big projects. I would just use whatever fairly inexpensive chippings you can find. Especially if they are slightly aged. Some people will tell you not to use Eucalyptus or Walnut chippings since their oils have a tendendancy to stop plant growth but I have not found that to be a problem personally.

So good luck on your hunt and in your landscaping with natives. Best wishes-Dan

PS. Perhaps you could find other information on the Los Pilitos Nursery sp? website since they now have a outlet in Escondido I believe. They are big into mulching and could possibly help.
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