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Old 07-01-2012, 06:19 PM
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Default Going global!

Thanks for the comments Dan! Appreciate it!

During the past few months I have decided to expand the scope of the Flora into a Flora of the Tetragonostachys which encompasses all known species.
Must say that until I ran across the flora by Rolla M. Tryon, Jr. in Volume 42,
printed in 1955, of the Annals of the Missouri Botanical Gardens that I only had a partial list of the relevant species. Access the Rolla M. Tryon, Jr. Flora here

Currently besides working on amassing info on Selaginella wallacei, I am collecting links on the eight African/Madagascaran species. I will be building a similar type presentation as presented herein at this forum based in South Africa, The Tetragonostachys of Africa and Madagascar.

There are a total of 21 known species that occur outside the USA (omitting those few that are found from the USA into Mexico and South America, as well as one in eastern Asia. With the 27 USA species and 1 natural hybrid that makes it a presentation of some 48 species + 1!!

I am not too sure that I will be able to complete this work but as my Flora is constructed on Excel workbooks this makes it easily possible for others to do so in addition to editing and adding more relevant images as needed.

We shall see!

P.S. Besides developing this topic here I have posted up a similar topic at the Georgia Botanical Society forum on the species (5) found there. I have not had the time to do anything more comprehensive than just a link to an image and distributional info.
But in the event you are interested The Tetragonostachys of Georgia.

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Old 11-09-2017, 09:09 AM
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Default The Tetragonostachys of the United States

Back in 2012 I started writing a treatise on this favorite group of plants but due to a variety of circumstances was unable to complete it until this year, 2017! I have put the entire 70+ pages up onto Flickr at this link:
The Tetragonostachys of the United States
In order to view and read it you must be signed into Yahoo or Flickr though you do not need to set up an email with them. If you prefer not to do so but wish to obtain my treatise then email me at
Jerry Copeland
and I can email the entire set of pages.
What this treatments does is to provide a basic introduction to the subgenus with images of the important characteristics and with my own observations about some of the species, particularly those which I do or have grown. I hope that those who do take the time to do so will find the work of interest.
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