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Old 06-17-2004, 04:16 PM
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Default Mitigation and CEQA Requirements

From: Cindy
Date: 05/03/02
Time: 03:18 PM

Does CEQA have specific time tables or triggers for mitigation requirements? I looked through the discussion of Section 21081.6 that was posted on the website but couldn't find any time limitations.

There is a project in the City of Santee that had an EIR that approved take of a major population of Centromadia pungens ssp. laevis. The species is not listed but there are only two known populations of this species in San Diego County (and the other is very small) and a few larger populations in Riverside. The Riverside HCP appeared like it would protect the species sufficiently that I didn't make a big stink about the loss in San Diego as the parcel would have been surrounded on all sides by development if I did get avoidance. The HCP down here did not look at this species for coverage and it was in a degraded site. The City of Santee agreed to establish 3 populations elsewhere within their jurisdiction with approval of the EIR. There were details for one site but not for the other sites as they were thrown in largely to appease CNPS and DFG as I had doubts about viability of the one site that had been proposed and got DFG involved. The site that supported the species was graded back in November of 2001 (seed had been collected). There still isn't any detailed mitigation plan for the species. It is now May. The original document that went with the EIR did not have much detail if I remember correctly. Is this City in violation of some CEQA requirement or since they are making progress (they have identified 3 locations and are working on finalizing the third), is this suppose to be acceptable? Cindy
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