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Originally Posted by dionkar336 View Post
This has been getting a lot of views and no responses or signatures. I was wondering if something in the petition is making people not want to sign it? Any thoughts from veteran CNPS members?
Perhaps it is as simple as the petition creating a discomfort over asking a large cultural landscaped space to become exclusively "native" planted ?

First, to be truly "native", the campus should plant LOCAL natives ("California natives" are mostly NOT native to San Jose). Such a limitation would likely make for a starkly uninviting human landscape.

Second, the petition then does not recognize other key issues (esp. today) such as the water scarcity. Yes, it may be implied that "natives" require less water than "exotics", but there are plenty of California natives that require more water than may be prudent to have the university be required to use.

Third then, is the possibility not considered by the petition, namely to plant for BOTH landscaped planting aesthetics, and water conservation.
This might allow for plant species from many "mediterranean" climates (demanding less water) to decorate the campus.

I recognize that a diverse plant species array does not imply a native biodiversity (as pointed out in the petition cover, many native animals depend --often to a high degree-- on native (local) plants for their own survival (locally).

Anyway, my point is that perhaps "selling" the campus administration on planting/landscaping for water conservation (and perhaps even reduced level of gardening labor costs?) may bring them to the table more readily than will the confused notion of planting "native" ?

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