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Originally Posted by terrestrial_man View Post
I would recommend buying seeds from the Theodore Payne Foundation. they have been in the business of selling native California seeds for decades and can be a good source of info on what grows in your area of interest. Here is a link to a portion of their website:
Theodore Payne Foundation seeds catalog

Also you can discover what plants grow in your area of interest by using the various features of the Calflora website. Here is a page that I have used the What Grows Here feature to check out the members of the Poppy Family.
Calflora website search for poppy species in San Gabriels Mts. western region
Thank you for you detailed response (complete with links!). I fear my initial post was clumsy in that I didn't specify my intention to have my garden reflect the local gene pool rather than just copying the species composition without regard to the geographic source of the plants.

I did start my search for local poppy seed stock with a discussion with TPF's seed program manager. My impressions was that most of their seeds for sale come from commercial sources or from donations from private gardens (which are also likely from commercial sources). I am specifically looking for seeds directly collected from wild poppies in the San Gabriel Mountains. Most of the poppy seeds in the trade are from plants grown on farms and harvested for seed, not from wild specimens as far as I know.

After my talks with the TPF I have been visiting sites where E. californica has been reported in Calflora, but so far I have not been able to locate them where they have been reported in the past. I was hoping someone here knew where there were some wild E. californica in the east or middle San Gabriels so I could gather a couple of seed pods, or someone who may have collected some already. I guess I should take advantage of my RSABG membership and see if they have any information that could help in my quest.

Thank you again for taking the time to respond.
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