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Default San Gabriel Mountains Wild Poppies

I am looking to get my hands on some local wild poppy seeds for sowing on my 1/2 acre property this coming fall. My property does not abut any wild areas, but there is some wild-ish area about 1/2-mile away. I have never seen any poppies there (well, Dendromecon rigida but not actual Eschscholzia). On a recent hike I did discover several patches of Eschscholzia parishii in San Gabriel Canyon (I assume they were put there by people).

Interestingly, one solitary poppy appeared as a volunteer in my yard and no neighbors have any poppies that I can see. Since I have no idea of its origin I have to assume it's regular store-bought stock from a bird dropping or something.

If anybody knows where I can get some wild poppy seeds that are local to the foothills of the San Gabriels I would be grateful (and for any other local wildflower seeds too).
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