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Default Eschscholzia Californica, var. maritima?

Hello All,

I've just returned from Barnes & Nobel in Escondidoand found a book a $40 book no less! totally devoted toPoppies. Well, Dan suggested that I do a littledetective work to discover just what type of 'e. californicais on my property. After seeing the photos in the bookI'm more confused than before.

According to the Sunset book, what I could have in mygrove is 'e.caespitosa'. Not quite! Because myflowers are about 1 3/4' in diameter; they are not bright yellow, but a yellow/orange, less bright that thetraditional cal poppy we all think of.

When I saw the photo in this book, it looked identicalto the poppies I have in my grove. I'm sure that thiswill not be settled until I either buy the book,or hope the library has it. Only then will I beconfident that I have identified 'my' flowercorrectly. There are 3 plants on our 3.5 acresand I would like to propagate them if at all possible.How do I harvest the seeds? Get them to sprout?It could take a long time to get enough plants to'repatriate' this part of my property!

BTW, can anyone tell me where I can get the seedsfor this E.californica, var. 'maritima' or any ofthe variations of E. calif.?

Many thanks for taking the time to respond!

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