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Default Personal Restoration Project

Hey everybody. In hopes of keeping fresh material cycling through here I figured I would share my new restoration project with you. I have worked with the National Park Service off and on for a couple years now, learning a lot about native plant propagation and restoration in the process. One of the most rewarding aspects of the work is seeing the success stories of restoration. Walking through a restoration site that has survived the difficult first couple of years and become established is just awesome! The habitat now appears so much more complex and beautiful, compared to the field of weedy, non-native species it used to be.
Last summer I decided to start my own little restoration project in Agoura (Southern California). The site I chose was once heavily grazed by cattle, and now remains as a weedy grassland with large patches mustard. My intent is to contain a giant monoculture of Brassica nigra, which you can see in this photo as dead stalks from last year.

I collected seed from two dominate native species that grow nearby: Artemisia californica and Salvia leucophylla. Seeds were sown in flats during September 2011. By January of this year I had 26 little plants that were ready to start their fight in the real world. I placed oak mulch around each one and am now praying for as much rain as possible to get them ready for summer. When I can, I get out there to pull weeds and mow down the encroaching mustard.

Salvia leucophylla

Artemisia californica
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