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Default Early Summer at Abbotts Lagoon at Pt. Reyes

There are many flowers in bloom both along the path and in the dunes and
beach. It is also worth going up to the headland south of the bridge.
The trail is lined with many Yellow Bush Lupines, California Poppies
(Yellow coastal form) and Poison Hemlock. Along the boardwalk the large
Hedge-nettle are just starting to bloom. The sand around the lagoon has
lots of Cinquefoil, Monkeyflowers, and small Heliotrope. The dunes and
open sandy areas have plenty of Sea Rocket, Yellow Sand-verbena, Beach
Suncups, Fragrant Dune Lupine, Curly-leaved Monardella, Deer-weed and
colorful Beach Strawberry foliage. Gumplant and Sea Lettuce are just
starting to bloom. To see a detailed plant list and photos go to:
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