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Hi Greg,

Couple of questions:
1. Do you have a better idea of what themes need to be discussed for the various regions? That information would be helpful for the location question, because it will help people determine whether or not they want to show up.

(I'd suggest that anyone who wasn't at the September CC needs to email Greg with the most pressing conservation problems their chapter is dealing with, so that he gets an accurate representation).

2. As for location, I suggest areas that are readily accessible. Rancho Santa Ana is one possible venue for a desert meeting, and it's also a repository of desert knowledge that might be useful. It also works for the south coast meeting venue for the same reason.

Less formally, you could look for a venue where interstates cross. For example, the desert group could meet near where the 10 and 15 cross, the northern group could meet near Chino, and so on.


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