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Default Comment from Steve Boyd, Botanist/Herbarium Curator, Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden

I agree with your reasoning completely. One can ascertain considerable information about the quality of a botanical survey by looking at the species list. I believe rare or sensitive plant surveys should (almost) always be "floristically" based, that is, addressing completely what was found at the site, and elaborating on what rare or sensitive species were expected, what rare or sensitive species were found (including those not expected), and so on. As an herbarium curator, I also believe there should be a greater, not lesser, expectation for those conducting botanical surveys to collect voucher specimens and deposit these in regionally appropriate herbaria. In the case of "new" records for rare or sensitive taxa, I think this should be an absolute requirement. I know the cost of this activity is generally not covered by contracts, and may often be prohibited or strongly discouraged by project proponents, but from a professional standards and ethics standpoint, I do think it is something we should all push for whenever possible.
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