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Default Educational activities in Marin Chapter

From: Wendy Dreskin
Date: 02/12/00
Time: 05:00 PM

The Marin Chapter offers classes for students pre-school through third grade. One of the most successful programs we've started is the Junior Botanist Program. When it began 2 years ago we had 14 Junior Botanists and last year there were about 50! This year for the first time a number of teachers are doing the program on their own, not just my students in the CNPS classes, so I expect close to 100! To become a Junior Botanist in grades K-5 students must pass a test in 4 areas, identifying an increasing number of trees, ferns, flowers, and grasses. Grades 6-8 have some additional requirements. Students receive a certificate from the Chapter (often presented by the principal at an end of year ceremony), are listed on the Web page (a big deal for today's kids), and are written up in the local newspaper. Kids, teachers and parents are all enthusiastic! For more info see the Marin web page and click on Education. The "study kits" for the test are there, although they are not intended to be used in place of seeing, smelling and touching the real thing! I'm happy to answer any questions anyone has about the program.