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Default Late Summer and Fall Color Zone 18...suggestions?

The last time I posted here I was planning to buy a house in the mountains where I`ve been living for the last 8 years. I knew most of the natives and had my whole garden planned around them. Well, that house didn`t work out and now we are in the process of purchasing a different place at a different elevation in an area I`m not near as familiar with! I`m very excited and happy about the new place but now I have to totally re-think the garden. Our new place is in zone 18, the inland foothills. I`ve found lots of good plants but most of them bloom in spring and early summer. It`s so hot down there compared to the mtns. Is there anything that shows color in the late season? I don`t want to use too many non-natives in my new yard. I`m saving the bulk of the watering for the veggie garden. I`d appreciate any tips on good plants for the area and especially from anyone who lives in that or a similar zone. Thanks.</p>
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