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Anonymous 07-13-2000 09:40 AM

help with blue elderberry
My blue elderberrry is really struggling. It has not produced fruit yet and is now dropping leaves. It is about 3 years old. It is in shade in the morning and in sun in the afternoon. Perhaps the soil is too clay? I do water it. Is it not enough? Or maybe I should put some shade cloth over it? Thanks for any ideas and for this great resource.</p>

Anonymous 07-14-2000 12:49 PM

Re: help with blue elderberry
Where do you garden?Are elders native to where you garden?I have found them difficult to establish but worth the trouble because of there wildlife value.


Anonymous 07-17-2000 01:06 AM

Re: help with blue elderberry
Deb -Our landscape staff plants elderberry regularly in our dry climate. They put them in with drip irrigation and some soil amendments. So, you might try some fruit tree fertilizer spikes at the drip line. It does take some time to get them well established, but the perserverance usually pays off. Type elderberry in as a search term on the web and you should find quie a bit of information of various sorts. Good Luck. Ben</p>

Anonymous 07-19-2000 05:36 AM

Re: help with blue elderberry
I am in the apple country of Sonoma County, so wet in winter and dry in summer with frequent coastal influences, fog, clouds etc. Thank you both Pete and Ben for your encouragement and I will certainly try the fruit tree spikes and other soil amendments.</p>

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