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Anonymous 09-02-2002 01:16 PM

manzanita seeds wanted

I would like to try to grow manzanita trees. Does anyone have a source for the seeds? Is it really illegal to just go out and collect the seed pods from wild trees, or just illegal to collect the wood?</p>

Anonymous 09-03-2002 06:42 PM

Re: manzanita seeds wanted

Ruthie - Well, most land is either public, in which case you need a collecting permit from the appropriate agency, or it`s private, in which case you should get the owner`s permission before collecting seeds. There are borderline areas, though, like narrow, obscure, backroads, little deadend trails off country highways that are off the main road well, guys call them 'pee stops', etc. If you have a location in mind, try asking for permission - you might be surprised to find out how often people say 'yes' - even park districts and such! Private land owners might agree to let you collect seeds if you promise to give them a couple of the resulting plants. You could get people interested in native plants that way. Then again, I can collect seed from my neighbor`s ranch, but he isn`t interested in the plants! Be sure to do the research so you know what manzanita you are growing, and how to grow it. A colleague of mine once grew some Arcto. canescens from seed - line a wood flat with foil, poke holes drainage holes in it, fill with seed medium, sprinkle on seeds, cover with 3' of dried leaves and set on fire! The resulting seedlings were goreous and healthy - made us never want to go back to cuttings. There might be some info on experiemental seed propagation on Whitney Hartwell`s Ione site - haven`t checked it out lately though I mean to!. Also, the Four Seasons journal from East Bay Regional Parks Botanic Garden may have some manzanita propagation articles in back issues. I am not sure if the stump sprouting manzanitas the ones with basal burls will grow from seed with the fire method as readily as the non-burled, obligate-seeders-after-fire types. Lots to learn and lots of fun experimenting. Please collect seeds in a way that is kind to nature and your fellow humans. Good luck, Lori Hubbart </p>

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