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buckyoh 11-27-2016 11:48 PM

Native Gardening Reference Books
Hey there,

I’m pretty new to gardening but have recently moved and have a lot of space in my new house. The yard is an amazing place but pretty rough and ready at the moment. The house was sitting empty for a while and the yard got pretty over-ground and wild. I’ve got some spare time on my hands at the moment so thought I’d tackle it and turn it into a beautiful and relaxing space for me the wife and the kids.

As I say I’m pretty new to gardening though so I’ve been looking to get some decent reference books to help me through. I’ve looked for gardening books for sale online and found a few but don’t really know which ones to get. I’m looking for something that covers the basics as well as more advanced techniques and also as I’m looking to use Native Californian plants, something that lists those plants and best ways to grow them. I’ve seen this one:

Does anyone know if it is good or have any other recommendations for good books to start out with?

Thanks in advance

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