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Sandy S 09-03-2011 10:57 PM

Abbott's Lagoon, Point Reyes 9/3/11
Although there were many flowers in bloom and birds in flight, it seemed like the flowers were further along than last year. If you are looking for large displays you will be disappointed; if you are looking for lots of species you will be glad you went. Two highlights were the White Pelicans flying overhead and seeing the Point Reyes Rein Orchid Piperia elegans ssp. decurtata which is on the CNPS Inventory of Rare and Endangered Plants on list 1B.1 (rare, threatened, or endangered in CA and elsewhere). The Point Reyes Rein Orchid is only found at Pt. Reyes according to Calflora and CNPS lists. As usual this time of the year many of the best flowers are in the sand and dunes areas.

Driving out to Point Reyes there were displays of Tarweeds in bloom at Big Rock Ridge on the way out in the morning. In the afternoon they had all closed and none were visible when driving home.

To see photos and bird and plant lists from today go to: Late Season at Abbott's Lagoon, Point Reyes

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