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Sandy S 07-12-2011 07:04 AM

Abbott's Lagoon, Pt. Reyes 7/11/11
It may be approaching the middle of July but the Bay Area wildflower season is not over. Many flowers are in bloom at Abbott’s Lagoon at Pt. Reyes.
I hiked out to the lagoon, then went up to the bluff just before the bridge and continued a short distance along the fence at the top, and then down and over to the dunes. Except for the Gentian which was still in bud and very close, most of the summer flowers were out and blooming. There are many species to be found and I put together a detailed plant list of all the flowers I could ID (with help). Many birds were active today as well but my bird list is rather small as my attention was mainly on the flowers. There were also mule deer and brush rabbits. It was a foggy day creating good light for wildflower photography when the winds slowed down. To see photos and plant list go to

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