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Sandy S 05-17-2011 03:39 PM

Pt. Reyes Wildflowers
This past Sunday (May 15), we did a wildflower blitz at Point Reyes. We covered Abbott's Lagoon, the area around the Lighthouse parking lot and the hillsides next to the road just past "B" Ranch. Also just past "B" ranch the all yellow Pt. Reyes Meadow is still in bloom. Our goal was to scout a number of easily accessible wildflower areas and identify as many plants as possible for a friend's wildflower workshop. Plant ID is mainly from the Plant Checklist for Pt. Reyes, the CNPS plant lists for Abbott's Lagoon and Chimney Rock/Lighthouse areas, and Marin Flora. I even managed to ID a few common birds and animals. My plant lists, which are longer than usual, and photos are at:

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