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Sandy S 05-09-2011 09:59 PM

Pt. Reyes: Abbott's Lagoon and Kehoe Beach
Many species are in bloom at Abbott's Lagoon and there are more to come, especially the Yellow Bush Lupine. Today we hiked the trail from the parking lot to the bridge, went over to the dunes, and up to the headland south of the bridge. Best displays were the Poppies in the parking area, Marsh Buttercups by the boardwalk, and Cow Parsnips along the trail. The season seems a little behind to me. Although focused on flowers, I also identified fifteen species of birds.

We also did a quick hike down the half mile trial to Kehoe Beach. It is best described as half a mile of alien mustard followed by a very flowery headland. The headland just north of the trail right before the beach had a large display of Tidytips, California Poppies, a lavender lupine, Yellow Bush Lupine and Goldfields. Some of the goldfields are past but the other flowers were very nice so get there soon.

To see photos and plant lists go to:

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