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Sandy S 09-12-2010 08:02 AM

Abbotts Lagoon Pt. Reyes-Late Season Flowers
Many flowers were in bloom yesterday (9/11/10) at Abbotts Lagoon.
Poppies, Yarrow, Cow Parsnip, Lotus, Tarweeds, and alien thistles are
still hanging on along the trail. Coyote bush is only starting to come
into full bloom. Goldenrod, Marsh Hedge Nettle, Candy flower, and two
species of Monkey flowers are in bloom along the boardwalk/marsh area.
The best flowers are in the sand and dunes: Sand Verbena, Rocket, Coast
Buckwheat, Pink Aquatic Knotweed, Beach Sun Cup, Mock Heather, Dune Gum
Plant, Sea-bluff Lettuce, Seaside Dandelion, Curly-leaved Monardella,
and even a few Seaside Daisies and Sea Thrifts. A few new to me are
Heliotrope, Alkali Heath, and Beach Knotweed. Also appearing today
were interesting insects, a garter snake, and birds, including Great
Egrets, a Great Blue Heron, White Pelicans, a Bittern and an American
Kestrel. I have posted photos on my blog: Natural History Wanderings


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