View Full Version : experimenting with cal natives in containers

12-18-2005, 05:56 PM
lots of talk on the calnatives list recently about limitations of that list in not being archivable. so the suggestion was made to start using this listserve, since it does have all the abilities.

need to start using this forum! so... i'm interested in what unusual / different than normal california native plants people are experimenting w/ in their gardens. i'm especially interested in container plants.

i grow all kinds of native succulents in containers, but i also am experimenting w/ manzanitas, ceanothuses, bursera microphylla, huckleberry, encelias, heucheras, buckwheats, various eriophyllums, and many more. some are definitely more successful than others. i even have a buckeye that insists on growing downwards in a container. that one got it's bark completely stripped from a section of it by some kids who were playing around w/ it. i put some duct-tape around it immediately after it happened, and that thing is still going strong. i didn't know a tree could survive after it's bark had been completely ringed like that.

anyways... am anxious to hear what other folks are experimenting with.