View Full Version : Experience with a small Palo Verde, anyone?

10-17-2004, 05:32 PM
Hello All!

Several weeks ago, I noticed a Parkinsonia Aculeata growing right up against my chain link fence. It is growing in some very heavy clay soil. Late last week, I began to dig a water well around it, hoping that any anticiapated rainfall would soften the soil somewhat. Well, after today's welcomed 3/4" rain, I've dug a little more around the base..still very tough to dig. Is there a more expedient way to extract the tree from clay soil?

More questions: how large a rootball should I anticipate for a tree that is currently 6' tall and 6' spread? It has 3 main branches that are about 3/4" in diamter. How much deeper/wider should I dig [after more rainfall applies itself to the hole]?

There is a beautiful, mature specimen not far from our home; in late July/August it is so striking to see against the granite boulders! It is well worth the effort to reposition this wonderful tree.

Any assistance in helping me remove this tree will be most gratefully received!

Alain...Valley Center