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06-17-2004, 04:38 PM
From: Sarah Jovan jovans@science.oregonstate.edu
Date: 04/30/03
Time: 02:23 AM

Hello all, I am a graduate student at Oregon State University working with epiphytic lichens in California. I have noticed some "different" communities occurring sporadically in wooded areas of the Sierra foothills, approximately east of Oroville and Yuba City (at elevations ranging from 1750 to 5060 ft). The lichens tend to be species more common between 2000 to 5000ft in the moister Klamath Mountains. The climate data I have suggests these "pockets" of odd lichen communities are corresponding with small pockets of moist forests (receiving higher percipitation than surrounding areas). I wondered if anyone knew of any vegetation phenomenon in the general vicinity I described--any pockets of unusual vegetation communities, any known "pockets of humidity", etc, or any recommendations for good sources of info? Thank you much for your help, Sarah