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06-17-2004, 04:12 PM
From: Dora Lowe info@nativecc.com
Date: 03/28/02
Time: 09:27 PM

I wanted to make you all aware of "Native Spring", the wonderful series of events promoted by the Native American Cultural Center in the Bay Area. Many events deal with native plants from the ethnobotanical perspective, such as basketry, cultivating edible natives, identifying natives, etc. You can view the OVER 90 (!)spring events for 2002 online at our new website: www.nativecc.com

There are also fun things to do for spring celebrations, Earth Day, Pow Wow, and Summer Solstice. Check out the great museum tours, art events, performances, dances, and storytelling festivals. Also check out the non-plant outdoor events involving kayaking, fire making, and point making. In short, just check it out and come back frequently.

Our funds for promotion are limited, so please forward this note to a few friends or your entire distribution list! NACC would be VERY grateful.