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06-17-2004, 04:02 PM
From: Cindy cindyburrascano@home.com
Date: 01/10/02
Time: 02:13 PM

Does anyone know what tree species historically grew on Point Loma in San Diego County? I presumed it would have been Coast live oak but I don't know the historical distribution of Torrey Pines, the other likely possibility in my mind. Either one would have been long gone for their wood before most records started being collected.

Did Torrey Pines grow on Mount Soledad in San Diego County in the past? Someone has claimed to have planted trees there 50 years ago and the trees are reproducing. Some of the mature trees are being chopped down and the City of San Diego says they have no control over the cutting since this wasn't a naturally occurring stand and is on private property. We have no tree ordinance in the City for preservation (only the City of Del Mar protects Torrey Pines by ordinance) and the HCP/NCCP would permit their removal anyway. Any suggestions on what I can tell the people that call me asking what they should do?