View Full Version : Helianthus exilis (serpentie sunflower)

06-17-2004, 03:33 PM
From: Tom Gulya gulyat@fargo.ars.usda.gov
Date: 11/19/01
Time: 07:03 AM

Helianthus exilis is a rare native sunflower, endemic to serpentine sites only in California. The Sunflower Research Unit (Fargo, ND) of the USDA's Ag Research Service would like to find (hear about) as many populations of H. exilis in order to make a collecting trip in the summer of 2002. Seed will be deposited in the USDA's Helianthus collection, housed in Ames, IA. Any information would be greatly appreciated. While most documented sites are in Napa and Lake counties, likely wet serpentine sites exist in other counties that may not be widely documented. ANy information will be shared back with CPNS headquarters.