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06-17-2004, 03:18 PM
From: Daryl Geoghegan plants_man@bigpond.com
Date: 04/07/01
Time: 09:52 PM

Greetings. In line with offering news and events that are happening on our Robin I would like to propose the following idea that is forming. It is not my intention to divide any one from what they are doing now on the Internet. I simply which to enhance, extend and personalize the IT experience. Thank you.

Visions of what we can accomplish by a dreamer/doer.......

On a clear day one can see that the future in gardening is in part the internet experience. I was brainstorming with a friend out back in the shed this morning and this is what we saw. Web pages for $100.00 ( I know some of you know this but just hear me out, cool?) Every person that linked in would be a part of ONE group. We are all members of different groups of this or that now. Plant interest assigns to us which group we will join. What if every plant was recognized on the on group with a series of links that link to links that find plant interest group only, not clubs or societies, just gardeners with a like minded interests, i.e.; the plant type. I suggest this to the IBS forum.

Objectives; even ground or rather a feeling of even ground so the other hundreds of frustrated gardeners who join groups can join in and not feel intimidated by the groups caliber at large. To disband the old Scholl of thought and create millions of new ones. One of the reasons most young folks don't adopt gardening is because we are living in the past, i.e.; we are very attached to things as they already are. Perhaps you are thinking what right do I have to asses and in turn try to change the what it is in place now. I don't seek to change it, I seek to enhance the experience we are already having. I want to add a more open place we can visit (via their homepage) who we want, when we want, say and post what we really like personally and appreciate what other gardeners are doing.

I know this is network marketing and I just don't mind at all! I have scrutinized this with our legislation hare in Oz and this is as smooth and legal as Networking gets. If you want to go out and build the business, go ahead. I just wanted the home page.

I am a member, (when I remember to pay my dues), of societies, gardens, associations and I wonder why some times? It cost me a fortune as most the fees are in US$. There are, to this date, to many disgruntled folks ( not just here in Oz alone) who try to link up and just give up because of the distance/time or just don't hear back from them.

At the very least, when we have an even ground we can systemize is the way home gardeners would like it. It is not my intention to cause dissent, or divide, or affront or offend any one. A whole new vision of gardening from home can develop if we let it and get involved. Compliment not replace!

I freely admit to know just enough to get by on the web. When we work together, I am just not a detail person, we can do wonders I'm sure. Don't you think it is about time we did something. The darn IBS site is so problematical it's amazing some one doesn't fix it? Ring a bell? I just want to bring this out. What are we doing really? Just struggling alone year after year because of circumstance? Do we really want the gardening world to evolve and become better? I hope so.

I thank you that I can share thoughts and ideas on an open forum.



Ps. My computer goes into hospital in the morning. I will be off line for the week. Any one wishing to expand on this idea I will get back to after this.( If all goes well at the computer doctor). Thanks.

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