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06-17-2004, 03:17 PM
From: Ksenia Barton [kbarton@intergate.ca]
Date: 02/25/01
Time: 02:51 PM

I am writing to request information about the plant species Antennaria flagellaris (stoloniferous pussytoes). In Canada, this plant is known from only 3 locations (within a 3 km stretch) in the eastern Cascade Mountains. Because little is known about the habitat and management of this plant in Canada, I am hoping that American botanists/ecologists can give me some insight on this plant and/or provide some references. Here are some questions that I have:

In what type of plant community have you seen Antennaria flagellaris growing?

What plant species commonly co-occur with Antennaria flagellaris?

Does Antennaria flagellaris commonly grow on a certain terrain feature, microsite, or soil type?

At what time of year does Antennaria flagellaris flower and set seed?

Have you ever observed a population of Antennaria flagellaris to have declined due to anthropogenic impacts (including cattle grazing, horseback riding, off-road vehicle use, human trampling, noxious weed control programs, changes in fire ecology, timber harvesting programs, agricultural use)?

If you have seen Antennaria flagellaris growing in a cattle grazed area, how would you describe the range condition and utilization?

Please respond to me directly - I will post a summary of replies. Please also include the geographic area where you have observed this plant in your reply.

Thanks in advance, Ksenia Barton

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