View Full Version : Preserving the Puente Hills , Los Angeles County

06-17-2004, 02:53 PM
From: Shawn Bert shawn_350@yahoo.com
Date: 10/18/00
Time: 09:44 PM

Recently there is a major effort to save the remaining open space areas in the Puente Hills. Many reserves have already been created but large portions still needed to be added to complete the range wide ecological reserve for this unique natural area. The Puente Hills contain four of the five most endangered plant communities in Southern California. Several groves of California buckeyes are found here, much further south than any field guide indicates. Several native bunchgrasses are also still here, including Stipa pulcra and Stipa lepida, in very good health and coverage. Black cottonwood and Amorpha californica, both usually inland species, are also present. These hills form part of a functioning wildlife corridor connecting the Santa Ana Mountains through the Chino and Puente Hills all the way to Whittier. For more information please see my webpage at www.my.treeway.com/puentehills or e-mail me with any questions or comments. Thank you for the chance to post these comments.