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06-17-2004, 02:43 PM
From: Robert Sward - sward@cruzio.com
Date: 07/14/00
Time: 03:47 PM

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Eucalyptus Emergency

Let me add ?fuel to the fire?, if I may:

Eucalyptus is the most pyrophytic (fire-loving) species imaginable, with aerodynamic leaves filled with explosive oils, fibrous flammable bark, and branches that burn with very high heat values. When windborne, fiery brands will ignite fuels a quarter mile away. An Australian fire started over ten miles from the flame front of a major fire with wind-driven eucalyptus embers. The 1991 fire in the Oakland hills quickly spread out of control via eucalyptus debris.

In addition, eucalyptus has displaced native oaks, maples and riparian vegetation. It has altered habitats for what would otherwise be home to native songbirds and mammals. Its leaves exude poisons which keep other plant species out of the area.

Not all green is good, and we must separate out the species which are native and positive from those noxious weeds that will burn us out of our homes. We need to have the right trees in the right places, and eucalyptus is one species that will take over if we continue to be inattentive to ecosystem, health, fire history, and biological reality.

[Dan Gasser, Vegetation Management Specialist, PG&E]

06-17-2004, 02:43 PM
From: ben bears@inreach.com
Date: 08/09/00
Time: 03:15 PM

I agree!