View Full Version : San Mateo Canyon, Santa Ana Mts, Riverside County

06-17-2004, 12:32 PM
From: Michael Charters mmlcharters@calflora.net
Date: 05/30/03
Time: 12:54 PM

As of 5/29 the San Mateo Canyon area of the Santa Ana Mountains was ablaze with wildflowers, at least 75 species, many in great abundance. See the last Theodore Payne Foundation wildflower hotline update for a list (not complete) of some of the species I saw there. Directions: follow I-15 to Clinton Keith Rd to Tenaja Rd, turn right on Cleveland Forest Rd and follow it 3-4 miles to an unpaved parking area on the left. Walk down the trail and go left where it forks. Right takes you up to a waterfall, but there are not as many flowers in that direction.