View Full Version : Jawbone Canyon (Kern County)

06-17-2004, 12:26 PM
From: Michael Charters (mmlcharters@calflora.net)
Date: 03/14/03
Time: 01:21 PM

Jawbone Canyon Rd just off the 14 freeway a few miles south of Red Rock SP. A fairly fantastic display not far short of the last El Nino year. If you're looking for desert wildflowers, you can see bigelow coreopsis, brown-eyed primrose, chia, gilias, desert dandelion, desert chicory, several popcorn flowers, mojave sun cups, cream cups, acton encelia, bajada lupine, bladderpod, both california poppies and little gold poppies, common phacelia, dobie pod, fremont phacelia, fremont pincushion, yellow comet and whitestem blazing stars, scalebud, woolly daisy, and probably other things, all in quite small area not far from freeway. This based on visit Mar. 3, 2003. Another excellent location right now is Palm Canyon Trail in Anza-Borrego, which is coated with wildflowers. The Living Desert area is very barren, as is Saddleback Butte.