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06-17-2004, 12:22 PM
From: Sebastian Sandner, sebastiansandner@hotmail.com
Date: 05/01/02
Time: 02:23 AM

I am a young horticulturist from Linz, Upper-Austria. Just two years ago I was able to accept school-leaving certificate by secondary horticultural school in Vienna.

Now I am planning a journey to the US. It should be a mixture of a cultural and a business trip with ?adventurous spirit?.

My trip starts in Chicago. There I thought to stay two or three weeks for sightseeing around the Great Lakes. Then I want to take the Route 66 until reaching Los Angeles (3 weeks). For the last four weeks I want to visit San Francisco, Las Vegas, San Diego and perhaps some National Parks.

The reason to write this is to ask for good horticultural addresses in these parts of the States. I found quite a lot in the Internet, but I don?t know, if they are really worth a visit. Perhaps you can give me some information about important market gardens / truck farms (in Austria and Germany they are called ?garden-centers?), production gardening as well as botanical and public gardens. Do you know, if any horticultural shows take place between June and August?

I hope anyone will be able to take some time for answering. I am sure it would be a great help!

thank you,

Sebastian Sandner