View Full Version : looking for hike leaders in Nevada County

06-17-2004, 12:18 PM
From: greggpasterick@daddysplanet.com
Date: 04/05/02
Time: 08:31 AM

Hello California wildflowerers,

My wife and I are innkeepers at a small B and B in Soda Springs, near Donner Summit, and we're tryin' to put together a variety of nature packages for the guests this spring and summer. One such package would be a wildflower hike weekend. We're new to the area...arrived last July...and aren't yet familiar enough with the area/area's flora to lead such a hike. We need some folks in the know to lend a hand. Anybody interested?

Hike leaders can either join us for breakfast, or get a free night's stay in exchange for helping out.

...and we drove around last week and were treated to a grand display of wildflowers. These were along Rte 198 between 99 and Sequoia, Rte 180 from Sequoia to 99, Rte 41 from 99 to Yosemite, Rte 140 from Yosemite to Rte 49, and Rte 49 up to Auburn.

Gregg and Sheri Always Inn B and B 877-56-TAHOE