View Full Version : California Deserts updates

06-17-2004, 12:16 PM
From: Diana Hickson, dianahickson@aol.com
Date: 03/24/02
Time: 02:46 PM

These updates from Steve Hartman, who knows the desert well:

"I just got back from 4 days in Riverside and Imperial Counties - its very dry, absolutely no annuals. Some creosote bush blooming and a few perennials. But, NO WEEDS!"

"A few weeks ago I also drove up to Shoshone (near Death Valley) and it was mostly dry from Mohave to Barstow along Hwy 58 (except perhaps a little annual vegetation near Kramer Junction), dry from Barstow to Baker (along I15), and dry from Baker to Shoshone (along Hwy 127). Hey, they are predicting an El Nino next year (they average about every 4 years) and our last one was 1997-1998, so we are due!"