View Full Version : Near Hemet, Riverside County

06-17-2004, 11:44 AM
From: Shauli, rosenrager@lasercom.net
Date: 04/21/01
Time: 07:20 PM

The last two weeks we are experiencing an incredible bloom of over twenty species, and looks like more are coming. We identified most, but would love to get some wildflower out here to enjoy and help us with identification. Does anyone know anything about a tall plant from the Snapdragon Fam with white to blueish flowers? It is not in the Peterson guide... All these are in the hills around our home, south of Hemet.

Partial list: Coastal Tidytips, Miner's lettuce, Desert Bells, Fiddleneck, popcorn flower, silverlief lotus,Redowl clover, Eucripta, (Yellow) pebble pincushion, (Eastwood's?) Nemophila, Desert four-oclock, Field evening primrose, Long Beaked Streptanthella, Giant Blue-eyed mary, Sticky Blue eyed mary, Blue dicks, Tansy phacelia, Butterweed (?), Purple nightshade, Purple Cross flower, Cream Cups, Lace pod, Slender Pectocarya, Tomcat clover, Prairie Star, California Poppy, two Sp. of lupine...