View Full Version : Amador County - Hwy 49, south of Jackson

06-17-2004, 11:42 AM
From: mazer
Date: 03/19/01
Time: 10:56 AM

Hwy 49, just south of Jackson. Amador County - The hill on the left of the canyon just south of Jackson is COVERED in foothill poppies. From the top of the hill down to where the road was cut to make room for the highway. The Foothill poppies on this hillside can be seen quite clearly from Mokelumne Hill. If you are going southbound, I suggest continuing past the poppies and turning around at Electra Rd to be on the same side of the road as the poppies where there are turnouts and it is safer to park and get out. NOTE: There are poles and wires in the way here making for frustrating full photgraphs of the hills. Also present were Fiddlenecks, Birds Eye Gilia, Annual lupine and Blue Dicks and a just a bend downhill, same side a bit, baby blue eyes - these flowers are en mass and remind me of Antelope Valley shots, they are so thick.

We explored Electra Rd. which follows Mokelunme River. Off hwy 49 just south of Jackson, WHAT A BONUS!!! We travelled in past 3 miles, it is so beautiful. A great place to spend the day. We saw poppies, blue dicks, annual lupine, fiddlenecks, woodland stars, popcorn flowers, the mosses on the rock outcroppings, the rock outcroppings themselves, the dudleyas or sedums, and what I think is Chickweed Monkey Flower although I need confirmation on this one. I did see the beginings of Mules ears so flowers will be blooming there a bit later in the year as well. NOTE: The road is very narrow all the way, fortunately there are a number of turn outs (some of which are big enough to park in) we had to make use of these turnouts for on coming traffic a lot. Off highway 26, going west. We stopped at N. McIntyre Rd, this is a dead end road which ends at a fishery and park and is owned by East Bay MUD. The park is wonderful offering perennial lupine in full flower and some vetch scattered around.