View Full Version : Glass Beach Headlands, Mendocino County

06-17-2004, 11:31 AM
From: Lori Hubbart, lorih@mcn.org
Date: 03/22/00
Time: 09:10 PM

Glass Beach is on the coast in Mendocino County. The headlands contain an incredible display of native annuals and perennials, from March through June. The site is not large, but it is very rich and diverse. It is within the city limits of Fort Bragg. From Hwy. 1 in Ft. Bragg, take Elm street west toward the ocean (the corner with the Denny's restaurant). Then drive until you come to Glass Beach drive, park and start your walk. The beach below the headlands got its name because people once used the spot as a dump, and all sorts of bottles and weathered glass wash up there.