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06-17-2004, 11:30 AM
From: Jane Strong, zelicaon@earthlink.net
Date: 03/19/00
Time: 12:31 PM

My favorite wildflower locations in the San Gabriel Mountains are:

1. Blue Ridge Summit, http://tchester.org/sgm/places/blue_ridge_summit.html, including Lightning Ridge and the East Blue Ridge Road.

For lists of some of the plants see:

San Gabriel Mountains Leaf Log Wednesday, September 9, 1998

Seasons of the San Gabriels May 20, 1999

89-2 Blue Ridge Road to Mtn. High West via Ski Lift Access Road

2. The snow melt gullies along Highway 2 especially around mile marker 67.6

For lists of some of the plants see:

Seasons of the San Gabriels July 21, 1999

Plant Communities of the San Gabriel Mountains Montane Forest

3. The rock slides on the trail between Eaton Saddle and Mt. Lowe

For lists of some of the plants see:

Seasons of the San Gabriels June 17, 1999

4. Any recently burned area such as Glendora Ridge Route and San Gabriel Canyon which are reliably good

5. Other places to look for wildflowers are listed at http://tchester.org/sgm/conditions/blooms/wildflower_locations_sgm.html

For timing of the blooming period, use:

Bloom Identification Guide For The San Gabriel Mountains

Plants Blooming Now in the San Gabriel Mountains