View Full Version : Impact of native plants on recycle water?

05-29-2004, 09:56 PM
I live in San Diego County Zone 10. I selected the following species of Native to be planted around my property for homeowners association.
Quercus Agrifolia - Coast live oak
Quercus Berberidifolia - Scrub oak
Heteromeles Arbutifolia - Toyon
Rhus Intergrifolia - Lemonadeberry
Artemisia California - Coastal Sagebrush
Viguiera Laciniata - San Diego Sunflower
Malacothamnus Fasciculatus - Chaparral Busmallow
Salvia Mellifera - Black Sage

I was asked to verify if these species of native will be able to establish themselves with the use of recycle water? Could somone lead me to a source I could verify this information.