View Full Version : Request For Tech Transfer and Collaboration

09-30-2003, 02:35 AM
This is a request for assistance on providing us with Tech Transfer on materials, seedings, literature and used equipment for an Environmental Beautification in Africa. We are in the initial strategy stages and we need help in setting upo w/ equipments, literature, programs to nurse plants, flowers, trees to beautify parks, open spaces and also create carbon sinks across the Sub-Saharan Africa Region. Please contact me to assist and/or mail us any materials , literature, strategic approaches and advisement. We would also welcome any collaborators and partners. Please feel free to call me at anytime.

Mailing Address:
Dr. Prof William Bannerman, VP
IEQLG- Ghana
TH 91 Tantra Hill
P.O. Box CT 5006, Cantonments. Accra, Ghana, West Africa
Tel. 011-233-24-852700
Fax: 011-233-21-774569