View Full Version : Dudleya Species in Northern San Diego County

07-22-2003, 01:01 PM
Hello All!

Just recently, I`ve noticed a Dudleya sp. protruding
horizontally from the sandstone shoulders on either
side of the road I travel.

They are about 20' long and the stems are a bright
pink [when the sun backlights them they almost look copper].

They are quite attractive and they seem to be growing
in clumps.

I can`t seem to find any info on them from any of the
native books that I`ve got.

Can anyone shed any light on what sp. this might be; I`d
love to grow them in my dry, sandy 'desert' garden.

Many thanks for taking the time to respond!

AlainSunset 19, USDA 9B

07-29-2003, 10:15 AM
Hi Alain:

Since I`m pretty close to you Escondido I am figuring that maybe you have Dudleya lanceolata, pulverulenta, or edulis, if it`s the finger form. You might also check Mitch Beachamp`s book.</p>

07-30-2003, 05:36 PM
Hi Alain,
There are 12 species of Dudleya in San Diego listed in Simpson and Rebman`s Checklist of Vascular Plants of San Diego County. From your discription and location I can eliminate four of the species D.attenuata, D.blochmaniae, D.brevifolia, D.variegata and depending on where you are driving, a few more. Can you give more detail on leaf shape and size, inflorescence size is 20'?, flower color, and road locality? Greg has listed the most common species for much of San Diego and leaf morphology differs for those three although it overlaps for some of the other species. I would guess you have D. saxosa based on color but can`t be sure at all from the description. Try going to Calflora and seeing if their picture matches what you are seeing and let us know. </p>