View Full Version : My sage has a growth on the leaves

05-26-2003, 06:25 AM
I transplanted a little White Sage plant to my yard about two years ago. It is doing really well this year, it has the wand coming up with the flowers, so pretty. I looked at it very closely yesterday and discovered something has happened to some of the leaves. From the top-side of the leaf, it looks like a round ball has been implanted into the leaf, I flip the leaf over and the back comes out like an upside down cone with a hole in the middle. It looks like it may have 'housed' something. The thing that I am looking at looks like leaf but it sure isn`t a regular leaf- it is something grown within the leaf, I guess. Any ideas what this is? If you were to draw the perfect icecream cone, pointed bottom and round top one scoop the leaf divides the 'cone' from the 'icecream' exactly with the 'cone' only being visible from underneath and the round 'scoop' only visible from above. Thank you.</p>

05-27-2003, 11:28 AM
Deanna - I just got out my copy of that out-of-print classic, Plant Galls of the California Region, by Ron Russo. On page 171 he talks about the species of sage that host galls in California - black sage, Salvia mellifera, and white sage, Salvia apiana. The galls are cause by the sage gall midge, Rhopalomyia salviae. They do not kill the plant, though large numbers of galls may disfigure the shrub. If there are not very many galls, just enjoy them. Maybe you will get to see the midges emerge through the hole at the tip of the 'ice cream cone' - they do this in May. If you ever find a copy of the book, grab it. Likewise if you get a chance to hear Ron Russo lecture on plant galls - cancel everything else and go! Cheers, Lori Hubbart</p>