View Full Version : Vernal Ponds and Mima Mounds in SF Bay Area?

05-23-2003, 03:57 PM
After struggling with my heavy clay soils in Redwood City and watching my plants drown in seasonal flooding every winter, I have started to learn about vernal pools. &lt;br> When my neighbor`s house was demolished, I watched in astonishment when the slightly lower elevation land where their foundation used to be became a 'lake' all winter long, and dried up about three weeks ago. I put this together with knowing that before our expensive drainage system we used to get rainwater under our house, that everyone in our neighborhood had expensive drainage systems, and decided that my garden might be a mima mound- a slightly raised mound of grassland between alluvial clay vernal pools.&lt;br> The real problem with this theory is that while vernal pools do exist around here my local CNPS had an article about it, I don`t know when it was written, I don`t know of any nearby that are in protected parkland where the native flora were preserved. Most California vernal pools seem to be in the Sacramento and San Joaquin valleys, not the Santa Clara valley. The one I was able to find described in nearby Fremont in the Don Edwards National Wildlife Refuge on the edge of Coyote Hills was so obscure that neither park`s rangers can tell me where in the area it is. Does anyone have more specific knowledge about the local vernal pools and their flora and whether this theory makes sense? I particularly want to learn what plants on the banks of the pool usually transition from perennials and grass to shrubs for woodlands.</p>