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05-07-2003, 11:17 AM
Hello all, Please forgive this rather long pasted post. A rather unusual subject by a very enthusiastic speaker! Make the trip if you can. Best to all-Dan Thursday, May 15?Dragonflies and Ways to Attract Them Speaker: Kathy Biggs Come and get acquainted with Earth`s very first fliers?the dazzling dragonflies. Dragonflies Odontas were the first animals to take to the air and 400 million years ago there was one with a wingspan of 2 feet! And while the dinosaurs came and went, dragonflies have remained relatively unchanged. There are now 4800 species in the world. Meet the Vivid Dancer, Flame Skimmer, Blue-eyed Darner and maybe even the Black Saddlebags. Odonata Queen, Kathy Biggs, admittedly obsessed and possessed by 'dragonfly fever', wrote the first local field guide, The Dragonflies of California. She will pass along her passion for these aerial predators The program will include an introduction to the common species of dragonflies that might be attracted to a garden pond, and then will feature the speaker?s wildlife pond which will be in the next issue of Audubon Magazine, its plants and the ways that a wildlife pond differs from a non-wildlife oriented pond. Handouts about native pond plants and the steps to creating a wildlife pond will be available. Though she won`t go into pond liners, pumps etc., Kathy?s husband Dave will be ready to answer any questions about hardware after the program. Kathy?s new South West Dragonflies Guide won`t be ready yet, but a proto-type will be there with a sign-up sheet. Dragonflies of California, Tim Manolis`s California Dragonfly guide and a children`s dragonfly book will be available at discount prices. Go to www.sonic.net/dragonfly or www.bigsnestpond.net for a head start. </p>

05-09-2003, 06:43 AM
I have to agree that Kathy sounds like a great speaker to go see, I have enjoyed her pond building website in the past. You are lucky!!</p>