View Full Version : Seeking Walnut Understory Plant Suggestions

04-24-2003, 02:12 PM
Thanks, Lori! But I think I still need more info. I have visited Edgewood Park before, it`s definitely a wonderful resource for native plantings- but the plant list I have from there does not list any walnut species. I followed your advice to see plant associates, and found blue elderberry which I had planted right underneath it! But elderberry are hard to establish and poison oak which I don`t want in my backyard. As far as drying the area out, I have converted most lawn areas on my property to native shrub, but this is a corner that is destined to stay wet, because of the shade of the walnut tree and the clayish water-retentive soil- and juglans hindsii is actually native to riparian ground as well as the dry oak woodlands you`re thinking of with snowberry etc, so I don`t think I`m being too radical by letting it stay put. I really still don`t know if it`s a native walnut or an English black walnut anyway, or how to tell the difference. Any additional suggestions, particularly for understory plants?</p>